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Q&A about Video SFP Transceivers

1.What is SDI?  SDI, the abbreviation for Serial Digital Interface, is a digital video interface standard made by SMPTE organization. This serial interface transmits every bit of data word and corresp

Automatic Testing System for Optical Modules

I. Introduction of automatic testing system  Automatic testing system refers to the system that equipment automatically conducts processing, measurement, display and storage and outputs product testin

Are Datacenter Operators Getting Garried Away With The Excitement of 100GigE Connectivity?

Are Datacenter Operators Getting Garried Away With The Excitem The highlight of....

40GbE Modules Expand their Success as ‘Hyperscale’ Becomes Mainstrea

While IT spending continues to be soft, enterprises are looking to outsource what they can to cloud datacenters.

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